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Kids coats and jackets are in high demand at Derek Lee Gunsmiths. This fantastic range of clothing has been put together to deliver quality products to you at great prices.

The range of kids coats and jackets is not juvenile, it is a quality range of high end products that are designed to the same standards and quality as their adult counterparts. You can tell they are a quality range by the big name brands that are creating them. Kids Musto jackets are new to Derek Lee Gunsmiths, and this is a quality range of amazing products. These are practical coats made out of 100% polyester and are machine washable. They also have a unique feature that sets them apart, with the ability to remove the sleeves and transform into gilets with ease.

Childrens waterproof coats are often thought of as being bulky and unsightly; well the Alan Paine Rutland kids coat is completely different. Despite being designed under the childrens waterproof coats label, it is designed to be professional. The coat features cartridge pockets, hand warmer pockets a two way zip and a durable outer shell.

Find the very best in kids coats and jackets online now at Derek Lee Gunsmiths.

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Ridgeline Kids Spiker Jacket
Ridgeline Kids Spiker Jacket

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