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Air rifles these days come in all shapes and colors, everyone has their preference in what makes theirs the best. The one thing that is easy to agree on however is the quality of the pellets and accessories available, with some of the best products coming from well known brands like Air Arms, Birchwood Casey and Bisly.
Air Arms is a UK based manufacturer of some of the finest quality air rifles and air rifle accessories. Their selection of accessories is focused on high quality pellet magazines, sound dampening moderators (for hunting easily spooked animals) and known for their world class field or hunting pellets.
Birchwood Casey is a producer of sporting goods, air rifle accessories and industrial metal finishing, with products that will be familiar to any target shooting enthusiast. known for their brilliant Shoot-N-C targets and popular Target Spots.
Bisly is another producer of air rifle accessories and manufactures the widest array of pellets you can imagine, in all shapes and styles of both .177 and .22 pellets, best known for their magnum, they also have pellets for practice, field, and even specialties like a hollow tipped pest control pellet. They also manufacture a perfectly designed and sturdy target holder that can accommodate your favorite 6 3/4" target and keep the mess to a minimum.
So the next time you're at the range or during a match, feel free to weigh in on the best guns for each task and enjoy yourself in a friendly debate with like minded people about the sport you love, but be sure to keep an eye out for what ammo they're using or moderator that they swear by. You'll better know who's judgement to trust by the company they keep, the pellets they stock and the accessories they pack into their gun case.


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