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When it comes to fowl decoys, Fud is the premiere company to have realistic decoys in many bird varieties. What makes Fud decoys stand out among all the rest are the many moveable parts of the decoys themselves, along with their long-lasting durability. Suitable for placement on land and in water, Fud decoys have fully moveable parts from the head down to the body to emulate natural bird postures, and come in a variety of bird species to enable the user to have just the decoy they are looking for.
Fud offers a plethora of fowl decoys, from waterfowl, including varieties of duck and goose, to less traditional fowl, such as pigeon and crow. Fud pigeon decoys are life-like and moveable to allow the hunter to draw in flocks of pigeon easily and effectively. The colorful likeness of these birds make them an accurate decoy to draw in flocks of pigeons easily. Fud pigeon decoys come in a pack of six birds, allowing them to be more effective in a variety of settings. The individual birds can be placed in varying poses to increase the likeness of a real flock of pigeons, increasing the appeal of these decoys.
Fud decoys are designed to be mobile, making them a foolproof choice of decoy for anyone seeking to draw in the fowl of their preference. From mallards to lesser Canadian geese, Fud has the proper decoys to allow any user to draw in the flocks they are pursuing and result in a successful attraction. With the ability to place these decoys on land or in shallow water, these fowl decoys are versatile, easily placed, realistic, and eye-catching. When considering purchasing waterfowl or bird decoys of varying sorts, let Fud be your guide to success. With realistic poses in each decoy and an incredible likeness to the real bird, these decoys are sure to bring you great success.


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FUD Crow Decoy (6pk)