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The thrill of shooting for any period of time is always accompanied by an abundance of spent shell casings and cartridges. Because of their metal content, many shooters will collect them for scrap. In other cases, the more avid shooters will collect the all of the spent cartridges and "repack" them for reuse. Regardless of what is done with the cartridges, clean up is a must.
Traditionally, there has been no set method of cartridge cleanup after a shoot. All sorts of methods have been used, from the back-breaking, bend-and-pick, to raking or sweeping them up, and so on. Now there is the Gripstick Magnetic Cartridge Collector.
The Gripstick is an innovative, time-saving tool designed to quickly pickup cartridges, casings, and even other kinds of metal objects. Simply put, the Grip Stick is a high quality, telescoping pole with a comfortable hand-grip on one end and its secret weapon on the other – a powerful magnet.
With its durable, aluminum body and shaft, constant use is no problem. Telescope the magnetic cartridge collector from 68-100cm and walk along without bending. One swipe of the highly magnetic head can elicit up to 50 cartridges jumping aboard. And there is no unnecessary dirt or debris added into the mix like in other collection methods.
At this rate, cleanup of even the biggest areas can be done in record time. Its ergonomic design with accompanying travel clips makes on-the-go pickup easy and convenient. Carry it to the shooting range. Take it along for other metal cleanup jobs. Keep it nearby when working on the car or house for an instant metal parts keeper. The Grip Stick's uses are many.
The Grip Stick is manufactured in the UK with quality and craftsmanship. It is available now for purchase. Get yours today and experience the new way to collect your shells and other metal items.



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