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Keeping Weapons Clean with Hoppes Bore Snakes
Keeping firearms clean extends the life of the weapon and improves the accuracy of the firearm. The Bore Snake, used as part of a regular cleaning regimen, helps keep guns of all kinds clean.
Gun Cleaning
The bore, or interior of the gun barrel, is among the most important parts of a gun to keep clean. It is also among the most difficult. Powder and lead fouling in the bore of the barrel can affect the rifling of the gun, which reduces accuracy. Corrosion, which often results if guns are not properly cleaned, can pit the barrel to the extent the safety of the weapon can be compromised. The best way to prevent these types of problems is with proper gun cleaning.
Hoppes Bore Snake
The bore snake products resemble a length of rope. Drop the weighted end of the string attached to the snake down the bore of the rifle. Retrieve the end of the string at the breech of the weapon. Use the string to pull the snake through the bore. The snake portion can be pulled back and forth within the bore for additional cleaning action. Select the right size snake for the bore of the weapon. For example, a snake for cleaning a shotgun is larger in diameter than the snake used to clean a small-bore rifle. Snakes used for pistols can be shorter than those used for rifles, although a rifle cleaner of the proper caliber will also work for a pistol.
For a quick gun cleaning use the Hoppes Quick Clean Cloth. This cloth patch is presoaked in Hoppes solvent and works well for infield cleanings or a light cleaning for weapons that saw only light use since the last cleaning. The bore cleaning products and quick clean cloths provide the proper cleaning tools for almost all shooting situations.


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