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The Warne Manufacturing Company has been making a name for itself in the rifle business since 1947 in Adelaide, Australia. Founding Sporting Arms Limited, John Llewellyn "Jack" Warne got his start converting the Enfield military weapons of returning soldiers in World War II to hunting rifles.
Through the years, the company diversified into several other markets, such as industrial fastening guns and ammunition. One of its specialties quickly became the scope mount — namely, the quick detaching scope-mounting system with a patented double lever, otherwise known as Warne mounts.
In 1991, Warne founded the Warne Manufacturing Co. in Clackamas, Oregon, to focus exclusively on the design and construction of a wide range of quick detachable Warne mounts.
Warne's eventual focus on tailoring scope mounts only began as a way of avoiding the hurdles of government regulations, since they're categorized as accessories and aren't subject to the many laws associated with firearms production — as well as the liability and bulky packaging required to establish a global presence.
Now located in Tualatin, Oregon, the company utilizes the latest in CNC technology for the most cutting-edge fabrication available for scope mount dealers.
Though Warne mounts come in sizes and configurations to fit most types of rifles and scopes, some of the most common are sold at Derek Lee Gunsmiths. The Fixed 1-inch, Fixed 30-mm and Maxima Tikka Fixed 1-inch scope mounts are some of the company's best sellers. Made of sintered steel, these are molded under hydraulic pressure to avoid breakage and corrosion.
And they're easy to install. Merely unscrew the four bolts — two on the top and two on the bottom — on each of the scope mount bodies, place the scope through each and screw them back in to a tightness of 25 inches per pound of torque. Use a torque wrench to ensure the proper tightness without damaging your scope.


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