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There is a difference between a gun safe and a gun cabinet. Fundamentally, a safe offers considerably much more protection than a cabinet. Gun cabinets have a sturdy locking mechanism, but gun safes have a locking mechanism to circumvent forced intrusion. Gun cabinets are great for storing items such as ammunition and cleaning supplies that need to be kept out of reach of children and unauthorized adults. Gun safes are for storing firearms of all types.
A good gun safe is made of a heavy gauge steel and has a sturdy door that has hinges that cannot be removed. A good gun safe also has multiple locking points (bolts) that extend out into the safe itself when the door is locked. A gun cabinet usually has one or two locking points along the door. It is standard to put low-risk, less expensive shooting sports items in a gun cabinet and high-risk, expensive items in a gun safe.
When choosing gun cabinets, get one that is big enough to hold all the supplies and ammunition usually kept on hand. Allow a little extra space for growth in the hobby. When deciding between gun safes, always get one that is a little bigger than what is needed now. Those who own firearms are highly likely to add others to their collections. Keep this in mind when buying a safe to protect the current inventory of firearms.
Every gun cabinet or gun safe needs to be fixed to the wall where it is placed. Fixing cabinets and safes prevents them from being knocked over where it would be easier for thieves to attempt to pry them open with levers. When ordering a gun cabinet or gun safe, be sure to add an appropriate fixing kit to the order for added protection.
Out of sight is the best location for any security cabinet or safe. Choose an installation location that is away from the main traffic area through a home where anyone stopping by can notice the security products. Secure cabinets and safes for firearms announce that there is something valuable inside. Simply installing them out of a direct line of sight from a nearby window and away from where delivery and maintenance personnel who may visit the home may see them is sufficient.



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