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With a history of traditionally made and handcrafted sporting products since the 70’s, the brand has achieved a large following due to their unique designs and quality materials used in their sporting luggage. Croots leather cartridge bags are the flagship products produced by the brand, making use of premium quality materials and fabrics to beautifully craft attractive bags that anyone can feel proud to carry around.
Croots gun slips are another of the flagship products from the company, which use the same quality materials and English craftsmanship to result in an attractive item much unlike the regular gun slips commonly found on the market.
Leathers used in these products are hand-selected, so only the very best quality is chosen for their products.

The Byland cart bag comes in both 75 cartridge and 100 cartridge sizes, utilising a hinged speed load opening for quick and easy access, a shoulder sling for ease of carrying. Not only this, but the Byland is also made in England from master craftsmen, with a high quality suede lining.
The matching Croots gun slip, the Byland, makes use of a traditional flap and buckle opening, with a full length zip for easy removal and drying. The padded fleece lining keeps you rifle in top form, protecting it from shock and scratches.

Browse our range of Croots gun slips and Croots leather cartridge bags below to find these premium quality products at excellent prices to compliment your shooting accessory wardrobe!


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