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Carl Zeiss began his optical company in 1846 in Germany specializing in a variety of optical devices including telescopes and eyeglasses as well as precision scales and other items. The company continued to expand and began specializing in microscopes. The company developed compound microscopes producing some of the highest magnifications possible in the 1850s.
The company continued to expand and became international with the opening of London offices in 1894. The company was divided into two operations when Germany was broken into East and West after World War II. The operations reunited in 1990.
Carl Zeiss Sports Optics is a division of Carl Zeiss, Inc. The sports optic division produces binoculars and rifle scopes for sportsmen around the world. The binoculars are popular with bird watchers and other wildlife watching functions while the scopes provide quality sighting systems for hunters and target shooters.
Zeiss Binoculars
Marketed under the Zeiss Conquest product line, Zeiss binoculars are known for fine quality and high value. Magnification is available in eight and 10 power with different fields of view available. The binoculars include coated optics to reduce glare and improve ease of cleaning. Optionally, Zeiss Conquest binoculars can include a range finder function that calculates the distance to an object viewed with the binocular.
Zeiss Scopes
Zeiss scopes are marketed under the Duralyte and Victory labels. Zeiss Duralyt scopes are available in a number of magnifications. The scopes also include coated optics designed to reduce glare and maintain the best possible image for the shooter. The Zeiss Duralyt line of scopes from Zeiss offer fewer options than the Victory or Conquest lines. They do offer variable magnifications and quality coated optics but generally offer less adjustability and fewer options. The conquest line of scopes is available in either a black or stainless steel finish. Both provide a durable surface resistant to the scratches and dings inherent to time in the field


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