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Pigeon decoys are used to lure living pigeons out of hiding. The pigeons will be lead to believe that there is food in the location that the decoys are placed. When the pigeons are lead out of hiding, it gives you the chance to hunt and trap them more easily.
There are many different types of pigeon decoys that are on the market today. The pigeons are designed to look very realistic. The decoys come in a variety of positions, such as feeding, flying, full-bodied models, shell models, pigeons with their heads raised, and more.
It is important to set up the decoys in a manner that will work. Pigeons, like other birds, usually fly into the wind when they land. This helps them to be able to slow down and stop easily. You will want to make sure that the fake pigeon's head is always in the direction of the wind. A side wind is the next best option if a back wind isn't available for your pattern.
Finding a spot for yourself to hide is important as well. Ideally, the wind will be hitting your back and you are hiding about 15-20 yards away from the set up. When the pigeon gets within close proximity to the pigeon decoys fire your shot. You may be sitting there for a period of time, so a comfortable seating area can save your knees. Shooting in sunny conditions may require you to wear protective eye wear. The lenses can be reflective, which may announce your presence to the pigeons. Wearing proper head covering to blend into your surroundings may be needed to go unrecognized.
You can try a variety of realistic looking decoyed pigeons in a different varied positions and patterns. It's important to know what direction and what flight patterns the pigeons are traveling in, so that you can replicate the pattern to attract the pigeons. Do your research and find out what crops the pigeons feed on at that time of the year. This will all help you be successful in your hunting of pigeons.


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