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For target shooters and hobbyists, having access to the best safety equipment available can prove to be a very important concern. From low profile Beretta Ear Defenders that have been designed to offer a sleek and travel-friendly way to protect your ears, to Beretta shooting glasses that can offer a superior measure of visual protection from spent shell casings and other potential hazards, Having superior protective and safety equipment will ensure that you are able to enjoy a safer shooting experience the next time you visit the range.

The Ear Defenders line of audio protective equipment has been designed to provide a travel friendly item that can be more easily packed with the rest of your equipment. The sleek style and folding design of Beretta Ear Defenders makes for an easier and more convenient option when it comes to protecting yourself at the range. Larger equipment and options that lack the same convenience and portability as the Ear Defenders may be far more easily overlooked or forgotten, leaving shooters without the resources and equipment options they need to enjoy a safer and more enjoyable experience.

With three interchangeable lenses and a hard travel case for easy transport, Beretta Shooting Glasses offer the most effective means of protecting your eyes from target debris, ejected casings and any other hazards that may pose a risk to your eyesight. The durable design and wearable comfort of these glasses makes them the perfect option to ensure superior eye protection and a safer shooting experience. Adding these shooting glasses to the rest of your equipment can allow you to have everything you need close at hand and ensure that each and every shooting experience will be a safer and more comfortable one. Investing in durable, portable and more effective safety equipment may not be an opportunity that you can afford to miss out on.

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