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Hornady A-Max Bullets
Joyce Hornady, founder of Hornady, had a philosophy that better bullets could produce better accuracy. He perfected that philosophy while working as a firearms instructor in Nebraska during World War II. In the years following the war, he realized that better bullets and ammunition could be made into a business. What started with a single caliber in 1949 expanded into a full line of bullets and ammunition marketed by an international company today.
Hornady remains a family operated company dedicated to high quality ammunition for discerning shooters and hunters. The company is currently operated by Steve Hornady and continues to operate in Nebraska although its facility is vastly larger than its humble beginnings. Along with hunting and target shooting ammunition, the company offers specialized products for law enforcement officers.
The Hornady A-Max line of bullets feature a specialized shape that reduces friction as the bullet moves through the air. This improves the trajectory of the bullet by allowing the projectile to maintain its momentum more efficiently reducing the bullet drop at long range.
The bullets of the Hornady A-Max line are jacketed bullets manufactured by processes developed by Hornady. The special processes assure consistent bullet weights and sizes. Variations in bullets lead to inaccuracies when fired. The bullets feature a copper jacket over a lead core. Hornady markets the bullets in a variety of calibers and weights allowing shooters to choose a projectile that meets their shooting needs.
The Hornady A-Max product line is available as bullets for shooters that hand load their own ammunition. This process allows the gun enthusiast to select the powder, primer and bullet they assemble into a rifle cartridge. Hand loading is common with high-volume shooters as well as those particular about ammunition quality and accuracy. Hornady also includes the A-Max bullets as part of its Match line of preloaded ammunition. In either form, the Hornady bullets are designed to provide the best possible long-range accuracy for riflemen.


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