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Leupold Scopes and Mountings
Leupold and Stevens began operations in 1907 and has been dedicated to producing high-quality optics ever since. The company produces spotting scopes and other optics used for observation but is best known for its line of rifle and gun scopes. These items became the company’s major product lines during World War II with the company worked as a defense contractor.
Leupold scopes offer precision sighting when properly fitted with an accurate rifle. The scopes offer a variety of magnifications with the higher magnifications generally fitted to long-range weapons. Most Leopold scopes utilize the crosshairs as the aim point. Each scope is built to exacting standards with a high level of durability. Scopes are precision optical instruments exposed the elements and hazards of the hunting field. Only the best manufacturing standards provide scopes that meet these challenges.
Scopes manufactured by Leupold are also noted for the smooth operations of the windage adjustments. This allows the shooter to adjust the scope to accommodate any crosswinds that may affect the bullets trajectory.
Scope mounting bases and rings provide the connection between the weapon and the scope. These also must be made to exacting tolerances and be durable enough to stand rough conditions. Leupold scope hardware provides this level of quality assuring the best accuracy possible from the gun and scope. Top off the shooting kit with a lenspen. This device allows quick and easy cleaning of the scope’s optics without any danger of scratching the glass.
Leupold scopes and mounts are all produced in a high-quality black matte finish. This not only reduces any possibility of glare or light reflections that could alert game of the hunters, but gives the scope a classic look that can complement the look of a fine weapon.
Adding the scope mounts may require drilling holes for the screws in the top of the barrel or receiver of the gun. This task is best left to trained gunsmiths.


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