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The owner of Steiner binoculars feel the expertise and care in each pair. Looking through the lenses offers vision into the rich tradition of the firm and its products.
The company offers a medley of optics for bird watching, outdoor use, marine and water sports as well as hunting. Whether a client is looking for their first pair of optics or one is seeking an advance model for professional use, Steiner offers an optimal solution for any user.
Steiner products, manufactured in Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany, strive for the highest quality and feature the latest optical technology. The glasses are sturdy and dependable, valued not only by the firm's customers but by the company partners and employees.
Rooted in a family tradition, the products feature the labels “Made in Germany” and “handmade by Steiner-Optik”, underscoring the workmanship and care that lasts for generations. Steiner binoculars remain sturdy despite encountering the harshest of conditions. Each pair of binoculars before leaving the manufacturer endures rigorous tests of material and functional testing, not seen anywhere in the industry.
The firm's factory in Germany enables Steiner to maintain its global leadership in the industry. The facility features one of the world's most technologically advanced research and production bases. The Bayreuth factory has seen substantive investments in human and technological capital to ensure the continued growth of the the firm's products and service. Steiner is the only firm in the industry that exclusively manufactures binoculars.
Founded in 1947 by Karl Steiner, the company is a respected international manufacturer based in the Bavarian city of Bayreuth, Germany. Their products are available in 65 countries throughout the world. The family firm endeavors to create masterfully engineered Steiner binoculars that inspire their owners to enrich their lives to the highest degree in the way Karl Steiner strove to accomplish.
Karl's son, Car Steiner, has built this legacy today, further nurturing the company's reputation for masterful workmanship and technological innovation. Under his leadership, Steiner-Optik has recently become a member of the Beretta Group family through acquisition.
Steiner optics serve as the first option for discriminating taste who seek the highest standard of quality.


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