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Selecting Air Rifle Pellets

The Best Pellets for Your Air Rifle

Every air rifle is different. Finding pellets that work best with your air rifle is a combination of research and experimentation.

Read internet forums and talk to other people who own the same model gun that you do. This will give you a place to start with pellet recommendations for your particular rifle. Choose established pellet manufacturers known for their quality and consistency.

Common Pellets Designs and Functions

  • Domed Pellets

These air rifle pellets have a round-tip design, which creates the most aerodynamically shaped pellet available. As a result, they have the straightest flight path and highest accuracy at long ranges. Domed pellets perform best with high-powered air rifles and can be disappointing with a low or mid-powered gun. This design is not preferred for hunting, but it's long-distance accuracy can't be beat.

  • Wadcutters

These pellets are completely flat in the front. They are designed for shooting paper targets and create a large cleanly cut hole. High-quality wadcutters are very accurate at subsonic speeds. They perform best at up to 10 meters but lose stability and accuracy at around 25 meters. Many shooters consider these pellets to be the most accurate choice for short ranges. Shooters in competition matches including The Olympics use wadcutters almost exclusively. Additionally, hunting can be conducted humanely at short ranges using wadcutters.

  • Pointed Pellets

With a cone-shaped tip, pointed pellets are designed for maximum hunting penetration. Pointed pellets do not lose their stability as quickly as wadcutters, so they can be used at longer distances. Magnum or high-power air rifles do not depend upon this pellet design for penetration, but if you have a medium-power air rifle the pointed tip can make a big difference when hunting and plinking.

  • Hollowpoints

This hunting pellet is designed with humane single-shot kills in mind. It is a wadcutter with a concave tip. Upon impact, hollowpoint air rifle pellets expand. They also often become internally fragmented which prevents over-penetration. As a result, hollowpoints stay in the target rather than escaping out the back. This increases the power transference essentially affecting the target with greater force.

Have Fun Experimenting!

Remember that air rifle pellets are the least expensive part of the sport, so do not hesitate to try a wide variety of pellets.



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