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Understanding Modern Scope Features
Understanding The Numbers
For example, a 3-9x50 air rifle scope has a 50-millimetre objective lens. 3-9x50 also means the air rifle scope has an adjustable magnification of 3x up to 9x. If the magnification were not adjustable, there would only be one number in the place of 3-9. For example, 9x50 air rifle scopes have a magnification of 9x, but are not adjustable.
The Lens
The objective lens is on the far end of rifle scopes. This is the lens that really matters. More light can enter larger objective lenses. Extra light allows for high magnification without the blurriness seen through smaller lenses. This is why investing in a scope with a large objective lens is a good idea if your rifle is going to be used at long distances. Keep in mind that 50-millimetre rifle scopes are large, and may require high or extra high mounts.
Adjustable Objective
Adjustable Objective or AO air rifle scopes have a rotating bell around the objective lens. There are range numbers engraved here. The rotating adjustable objective bell will focus the scope’s image. Then you can read the far end of the scope to find out exactly how far you are from your target. With this knowledge, you can compensate for windage and pellet drop insightfully.
Illuminated Objective
This feature has found its way into many scopes on the market. This element illuminates the cross-hairs. The user can generally control the brightness and colour: red or green. While this serves little purpose in full daylight, it can be very useful on black targets due to the contrast created. At dusk, dawn, and other low-light conditions, every target becomes dark and shaded. This is when an illuminated objective really helps you keep track of your cross-hairs. This is a battery-operated feature and can be turned off at any time.
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