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Get the Best Accuracy with Hawkes Scopes
Hawke Sport Optics produces some of the premier sporting optics in Europe. Hawke scopes products are renowned worldwide and have recently expanded into the North American markets of the United States and Canada. The company prides itself on innovation and delivery quality optics to the sportsmen of the world.
The sport optics produced by Hawke run the gamut from the traditional rifle scope to optical sights for alternative weapons including black powder guns, shotguns and crossbows. Most shooters will find a Hawke optical scope that matches their shooting needs and weapon of choice.
Hawke Rifle Scopes
Scopes, short for telescopic sight, provide several advantages to the shooter. The optics of the scope enlarge the image of the target while the sighting markers provide an aiming point for the shooter. Some scopes use cross hairs as the aiming point while others provide an aiming dot. The telescopic power of the scope also varies from a magnification of two or three to nine or 10, depending on the scope. Browse through the line of Hawke scopes for the model that fits your needs. Most often, long-range weapons require more powerful scopes while close range weapons, such as crossbows or pistols, require lower power scopes.
Adapters and Mounts
The scope is just part of the system. Proper mounting makes the Hawke rifle scopes among the most accurate of the scopes available. The mounts securely fasten the scope to the gun barrel. However, the scope mount must be adjustable allowing the aiming point of the scope to match the impact point of a bullet fired from the gun. Most scopes require a mount at each end of the scope to hold it securely. Other accessories can include scope covers, which are often tethered to the scope mount to prevent loss in the field.


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